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A competitive edge like you've never imagined

Why salt is your ticket to dominating your market.

Customers need it regularly
✅ Creates in-home sales opportunities
✅ Leads to more referral business



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The "Doordash for salt delivery". Access our fleet of drivers who will deliver salt to your customers, fill their brine tank, and even test their water. 

No longer

Spend thousands of dollars trying to keep up with your customers' salt demand

Frustrate customers with limited availability, expensive delivery fees, or uncertain delivery times.

Wear down your company vehicles with thousands of pounds of salt

A private label booking page with your logo and custom link. Simply share this with any of your customers wanting salt and like magic, they'll be able to have it delivered. 


Using the EZsalt Sensor for salt delivery

How the EZsalt Sensor will maximize efficiency and help you create reoccurring revenue for your business

Salt delivery is a touchy subject. It's expensive to operate and has low margins. With that considered, it is an opportunity to increase the value of your business with reoccurring revenue. It is also a fantastic selling point to help you sell more water softeners. Our goal is to help you fully automate your salt delivery service. 

Introducing the EZsalt Dashboard 

Our business dashboard is nothing short of revolutionary for your business . From one central dashboard you can check on the salt levels of each of your customers who have shared their EZsalt profile with you. This means you will now be able to monitor your customer's salt levels for them. Imagine the experience this will create for your customers.  

Helping your community find you.

When you become an authorized dealer for EZsalt in your area and register to offer salt delivery, EZsalt users in your area will be able to see your company through the EZsalt App and share their profile with you. This will drop them into your dashboard so you can monitor their salt and deliver to them then they get low.

Make the investment today. Your customers have been waiting!

Learning Portal

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What is EZsalt?


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Documentation on EZsalt Sensor


Getting to know the EZsalt App
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