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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to set up

How do I factory reset my EZsalt Sensor?

We've provided a self-serve factory reset page on our website with a video walkthrough to help you along the way. This factory reset requires you to plug your sensor into a WINDOWS computer so make sure to have one ready before proceeding.  click here to be taken to the page.

How do I connect my EZsalt Sensor to Wi-Fi?

To connect your EZsalt Sensor to Wi-Fi, simply follow the instructions in the EZsalt App very carefully. If you'd like to view the instructions on your computer, you can download this PDF.

I have an Android but when I tap on the "EZsalt" network nothing opens. What do I do?

This is normal. After tapping on the EZsalt network, your phone will likely warn you that this network does not have an internet connection and will ask if you'd like to switch back to your original Wi-Fi connection- do not switch back- instead, select the option that allows you to stay on the EZsalt_XXXXXX network. Next, return to the EZsalt App and you will notice a new button has appeared that says, "Configure Wi-Fi Settings" tap on that and the Wi-Fi connection screen will open for you to enter your Wi-Fi credentials. 

I've entered my Wi-Fi password multiple times but it is telling me my password is incorrect. I've tested my password on another device and it worked, I know my password is correct. What do I do?

If you are 100% positive your password is correct (and you have verified this by trying it on another device) your Wi-Fi set up may not be compatible with the EZsalt Sensor. Networks that may cause this issue are some mesh networks and some Wi-Fi repeaters. However, this occurrence is VERY rare. Contact us if this is the case and we will try to troubleshoot the issue with you to resolve it. If we cannot find a solution for you, we will refund your purchase and provide you with a return address to return the sensor to. 

During set up, the EZsalt App is asking me to measure the height of my brine tank. Where exactly should I measure from?

This is our suggested method. Measure from the brim of the brine tank (The highest point the salt can reach) to the very bottom of the brine tank. The sensor will use these measurements to determine your salt level and by entering incorrect measurements, the reading in the app may look off. 

Questions related to functionality

My sensor is slightly off by 5% or 10%. How do I calibrate it to be exact?

In the home tab, you will see a green button saying, "Look off? Calibrate Sensor". Tapping this button will make "+" and "-" buttons appear which will allow you to adjust your sensor's reading either up or down to fit your preference.

Just under the %, you will be able to see your offset. This number will tell you how much you've adjusted your salt readings. An offset of 0 means your reading has not been adjusted at all.  

My sensor is not sending an accurate reading. My actual salt level looks very different from what the app says. Is my sensor broken?

Probably not, but here's a few things to check:
  • The laser which measures distance does not measure well when facing water. Check your brine tank to see if your salt has fallen below the water level. If it has, calibrate your notification settings to alert you BEFORE your salt falls below that water line next time.
  • If your brine tank is completely full of salt and the salt is only a few inches away from the sensor, this can cause the laser to have a hard time getting a perfect reading from it. The most optimum measurement range is 30% to 80%.
  • In the 4th tab of the app, double check to make sure your tank depth is accurate to the actual height of your bring tank.
  • The final test you can do to see if the laser is malfunctioning is to hold your sensor close to your floor and hit refresh in the app, then raise the sensor and refresh again. Repeat this process multiple times to see if your sensor can give you a full range of readings from ~95% to ~5%. 
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General Questions

How far can the EZsalt Sensor measure?

The EZsalt Sensor can measure up to 4ft or 48 inches.

How do I change my notification settings of when I'd like to be notified.

Notifications should be sent to you at 5pm everyday if your salt level is below your indicated low salt alert level. To change this level, open the profile page of your app and tap on, "Tank Depth Notification." 

I'd like to monitor multiple sensors at a time. How can I do that?

We have a dashboard which can display the readings of multiple sensors at a time. Contact us to get set up on this dashboard. For salt delivery businesses needing to monitor a large number of customers, this dashboard can also filter customer based on salt levels or zip code to help you optimize your delivery service.

Do you offer automatic salt delivery?

In select areas, yes we do. However, if you're in an area that delivery is not available yet, you can join our waiting list to be notified as soon as delivery is available to you. If you already have a salt delivery service in your area, we would love to partner with them so they can use our sensors and monitoring to provide you with automatic salt delivery. Feel free to share their information with us so we can set that up with them. 

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