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Never Run Out of Salt Again

A smart, level-sensing device specifically designed for your water softener. Get low salt level alerts, check your salt levels from your phone, and never run out of salt again.

Meet EZsalt

The EZsalt Sensor 3.0 coming Q4 2024

Installs in ANY Brine Tank

The EZsalt Sensor is designed to install on the underside of the brine tank lid and measure  salt level with a laser sensor. It's small enough to fit in any brine tank and takes less than 5 minutes to install.


Get Low Salt Alerts

The EZsalt Sensor connects to Wi-Fi to deliver low salt alerts to your smartphone, wherever you are. Customize your alerts to send at a certain salt level and choose how you prefer to be notified. 

See Real-time Salt Levels

Ever been at the store and wondered if you need to buy salt? Now you can check your phone and find out in seconds. 

Automatic Salt Delivery

We are actively setting up local salt delivery companies to provide our customers with a salt delivery service they can rely on. 

In areas where salt delivery is available, you can share your salt readings with a local company so they can deliver salt to you before you ever run out. 

Salt Delivery is currently available in 20 states, covering over 212,000 square miles.

Common Questions:
How does the EZsalt Sensor measure my salt level?

Our sensor features a laser powered, "time-of-flight" sensor. It simply takes a measurement between the top of the brine tank and top of the salt. 

How does the EZsalt Sensor install on the brine tank?

2 Year Warranty

The EZsalt Sensor is built to last. But should your sensor ever fail or stop working unexpectedly, contact us and we will replace your defective sensor free of charge within 2 years of purchase.

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Never wonder again

Meet our team

Michael Jensen, President

Michael is the founder of EZsalt and had the idea to create a salt monitor while delivering water softener salt in Herriman, UT. Michael is a passionate entrepreneur whose determination to build EZsalt into a great company has continued to push EZsalt to new heights. 

Andrew McMullin, Co-Founder

Andrew was EZsalt's first developer and helped Michael take the EZsalt Sensor from idea to prototype. Andrew was pivotal in bringing this idea to life and his resourcefulness is what enabled him to develop a product no one had ever done before. Andrew is now working toward a masters degree at Michigan University.

Cameron Farmer, Electrical Engineer

Cameron has over 25 years experience as an electrical engineer and is an expert in his industry. Cameron came onboard early on after Michael and Andrew had developed the first prototype. Cameron's years of industry experience introduced a deep understanding of electronics to the team and led to the development of both the EZsalt Sensor 1.0 and 2.0. Cameron continues to innovate and find ways in which the EZsalt Sensor can be improved.

Scott Thomas, Director of Business Development

Scott Thomas is a successful entrepreneur and long time friend of Michael's. Michael came to Scott early on with the idea for this product and Scott agreed to help bring the vision to life. Scott has since played a large role in business development including finding manufacturing partners, raising capital, and working closely with Michael to keep the company moving in a positive direction.

Gerry Ayala, Product Designer / Engineer

Gerry is a talented industrial designer and has designed hundreds of successful products throughout his career. Gerry has helped EZsalt maintain industry best practices with their product design as well as using his network to source parts and manufacturing. 

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Sohail Ahmad, Software Engineer

Sohail has over 12 years experience as a full stack software engineer and a Masters degree in Computer Science. Sohail came on as the lead developer in creating our new 2.0 app. After doing a phenomenal job, he's now our lead software developer. He's nicknamed, "The Wizard" because there's literally nothing he can't do.

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