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EZsalt Sensor

We're very excited to launch the next generation EZsalt Sensor this year. Coming with the EZsalt Sensor 3.0 are several much needed improvements. 

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Wi-fi reset button

A shortcoming of the EZsalt Sensor 2.0 is the difficulty to change the stored Wi-Fi credentials. In the event that a user changes Wi-Fi passwords or Wi-Fi networks, the 2.0 version required a full factory reset which is a pain. No more! We have added a button to the 3.0 that the user can simply hold down for 3 seconds to activate the sensor's access point so a new Wi-Fi password can be entered. 

Untitled design (2).png

Adjustable Mounting 

The EZsalt Sensor 3.0 features a ball/socket pivot which allows the sensor to be adjusted to face directly at the salt with ease.

Untitled design (1).png

Onboard LED

"Is my sensor turned on? Is it working?" We've heard you! We've added an onboard status LED which will indicate when it is offline, online, ready to connect to Wi-Fi, or if it's experiencing an error. 

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