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No one knows about us and we need your help to change that.

(In exchange we will give you a 50% off promo code and a $10 gift card to the business of your choice.) 

Interested? Here's how. 

Step 1. Write an Amazon Review or Provide us with feedback

Reviews are one of the most helpful things that help other customers decide whether or not to buy our product. If you love our product, write a positive review on Amazon and take a picture or screenshot of the review. However, if you had a negative experience, we want to know why! Email to give us feedback on why your experience wasn't great. Feedback is pure gold for us we want to know how to make our EZsalt sensor PERFECT. Don't worry, we can take it. 

Step 2. Share a photo of your EZsalt Sensor installed in your brine tank on Facebook or Instagram

By sharing a photo of your EZsalt Sensor installed in your brine tank on Instagram and tagging @ezsalt_official or on Facebook by tagging @EZsaltOfficial you will help your friends discover our product! Take a picture or screenshot of your post and save it to your phone or computer. (Bonus: Show a photo of the app too so people know how awesome it is)

Step 3. Send in your screenshots so we know where to send the discount and gift card to!

Email both the picture of the review and the picture of the social media post to claim your reward! We will review it and contact you within 1 business day. Email your submission to

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