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EZsalt for Business

For dealers, plumbers, free lancers, handymen, and anyone who installs water softeners for a living.

How often does a customer ask you,

"How will I know when I need to refill my salt?" 

What's your response? 

"Well ma'am, our job is to install the system, your job is to open up the lid of your brine tank and check the salt levels yourself..."

Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame!

Instead, imagine if you had a REAL solution to this concern of theirs. 

*cue angelic choir*

"Well I have a great news ma'am. If you'd like, I can install a sensor in your brine tank that will monitor your salt for you. You'll be able to check your salt levels at anytime from you phone and get low salt alerts before you ever run out.

Which service professional do you think this customer would be more likely to do business with and recommend to their friends?



We'll let you decide. 

The EZsalt Difference

We will provide you with the tools you need to provide your customers with an unparalleled water softener experience. 

The EZsalt Sensor

The key to it all

An Easy-To-Install Wi-Fi enabled salt level sensor design completely from scratch by our in house team. The EZsalt Sensor is a powerful device that monitors salt levels around the clock, displays the salt levels in real time from our app, can be programmed to send text alerts and even schedule automatic salt delivery where available. 

The EZsalt Dashboard

Coming Early 2021

Manage all of your

customers in one place

For those who want to make the EZsalt Sensor work for THEM. 

  • See salt levels in real-time

  • Filter customers based on salt levels, zip code, or last service date.

  • Integrates with delivery software to allow you to offer automatic delivery

  • Keeps you extremely organized to allow you to scale without any growing pains.

Automatic Salt Delivery

By combining the forces of both the EZsalt Sensor and the EZsalt Dashboard, you will have all the tools necesary to provide your customers with automatic salt delivery.

  • Capable of exporting groups of customers, allowing you to quickly find the most efficient route.

  • Provides delivery tracking so your customer can see where their salt delivery is at. 

  • Integrates with Google Maps to provide powerful and reliable map data. 

  • Extremely user friendly.

Businesses who offer automatic salt delivery earn an average of $20 per month in net revenue from each of their customers subscribed. 

How much would your monthly revenue be if a mere 25% of your customers were paying you $20 per month?

Contact us today to get your free consultation and see if EZsalt is a fit for your business.

Coming Early 2021

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